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In this article, we explore several methods in Swift for efficiently iterating through arrays. You’ll find various examples demonstrating how to loop through these collections. Swift simplifies working with collection types like arrays, and we’ll delve into the best practices for array iteration and looping in Swift.

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For-in loop

The most common method for iterating over an array in Swift is the for-in loop. This straightforward approach allows you to access each element in the array directly. Here’s a simple example:

In this example, fruit represents each element in the fruits array. The loop executes the print statement for each item, efficiently looping through the array.

While Loops

While loops in Swift offer another way to iterate through an array. This approach is useful when you need more control over the iteration process. Here’s an example:

This code snippet demonstrates how a while loop can be used to traverse through the cars array. It’s a more manual approach compared to for-in loops but offers greater flexibility.

Enumerated() Method

Swift’s enumerated() method is a powerful tool that returns a sequence of pairs (n, x), where n represents a zero-based integer index and x is an element of the array. Here’s how you can use it:

A useful method when both the index and the value of each element are required.


Swift’s array iteration methods, including for-in loops, while loops, and the enumerated method, provide developers with versatile tools for efficiently traversing arrays.

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