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Welcome to my iOS app portfolio, where innovation meets craftsmanship. As an experienced freelance iOS developer, I’ve had the privilege of building intuitive and elegant mobile experiences that delight users.

Whether it’s creating sleek user interfaces, optimizing performance, or diving into the intricacies of Swift and SwiftUI, I take pride in my delivery.

Here, you’ll find a curated selection of my most compelling iOS projects. Within this collection, you’ll discover examples of my expertise in networking, architecting scalable iOS applications, and consistently delivering code quality. Dive into my projects and let’s connect to explore how I can transform your next iOS project into a stellar reality.

iOS developer app porfolio

Quoto – Inspirational Quotes

I led and collaborated closely with a UX designer throughout the entire development lifecycle of Quoto. Quoto is an iOS app that empowers users to explore a curated selection of quotes. Leveraging the capabilities of the Unsplash API and Core Graphics rendering, I engineered a feature-rich experience, enabling users to craft their own static images with ease. From concept to production, I guided Quoto’s journey, ensuring a seamless and engaging user interface while incorporating advanced iOS developer techniques.

Core Data


Working closely with a team of 2 other iOS developers to launch and build the MVP using SwiftUI. Responsible for front-end changes, utilising the latest APIs of SwiftUI. Built an asynchronous image download manager with caching using URLSession, and assisted with code reviews and QA testing.

muay thai ios app

Muay Thai – Training & Combos

An iOS app for Muay Thai practitioners to browse and log a range of combos. The app is built using the latest SwiftUI APIs and persists data using Core Data. 

core data

Earth Hero

An iOS app to combat climate change, developed using UIKit and Firebase. Explore personalized, eco-friendly actions that contribute to the well-being of planet Earth and communities—allowing users to shape their future and track their activities.

coordinator pattern
climate change ios app - Earth Hero

Open Source Projects


Further information coming soon! Keep an eye on my Github 👀

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