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I am a UK-based freelance iOS developer and consultant. I started coding at a young age and having been doing so to date. I take pride in delivering beautiful iOS apps using the latest technologies. I’ve been building apps for several years and have experience using UIKit and SwiftUI frameworks. If I am not building apps or working on projects you can find me training in Muay Thai or skiing. 

Why me?

A lot of developers could build you an app. However, I can help craft something of superior quality. I will ensure that the app meets business goals and objectives. I can build apps that will delight your users and meet your business objectives. 

When building apps there are three core principles:

Design for the user

A great app will ensure that it meets user expectations, is easy to use, and is intuitive.

Meets business goals

An app should also provide value to the business, I will ensure that your app supports them.


Technology changes rapidly, ensuring that your app can be scaled and uses the correct architecture to ensure growth is factored in.

My Experience includes:

  • Architecture: MVC, MVVM & VIPER
  • Design patterns: Notification Observer, Protocol & Delegates, Dependency Injection & Singletons
  • Networking: URLSession & Alamofire
  • Local storage: Core Data & Realm
  • Multithreading: GCD & Operation Queues
  • Push notifications
  • In-app purchases: StoreKit & RevenueCat
  • Autolayout: Adaptive Layouts & advanced techniques
  • SwiftUI
  • Animation: Core Animation & .animation() modifier 
  • Photo Manipulation: Core Graphics  
  • Testing: Unit Testing (ACTAssert)
  • Accessibility: Accessibility Inspector, attributes & Voice Over 
  • Analytics: Mixpanel & Google Analytics
  • Source Control: Github & Gitbucket

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